Tubará was born in 2010, with the intention of making music with messages and lyrics that dance to the rhythm of ideas of consciousness, unity and tolerance, truth, love and respect, through the language of "being Caribbean" and the University of Reggae and their mergers.
The musical style of Tubará is framed in rhythms ranging from Ska, the Rocsteady, Dub Reggae roots with Dub style; without leaving aside the traditional melodies and rhythms of the Caribbean Regio, reinterpreted in the language of the band.
Tubará is part of the record label Tambora Records, where the album was recorded las May in a live session technic. "Tu Alma" is its first promotional single released to the date. Bacana Org is the backoffice networking team.


Artists of our label

Label specializing in Colombia's new generation of pop-trad hybridizers. We are the label that represents La Mambanegra, Colectro, Tribu Baharú, Tubará, Masilva, Puerta de Oro Music, Nvoz Vocal, Redil Cuarteto and Rompefuego.

Jacobo Vélez y La Mambanegra

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